Simplify your school’s day-to-day operations.

With our all-in-one school management solution.

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About the App.

Streamline invoicing, bookkeeping, tax management, and stakeholder communication effortlessly.

E-tims compliant

Integrated with KRA eTIMS


Easily send Invoices and fee balance reminders to parents.

Student Management

Simplified management of student data and integrated into the accounting system for easy billing.

No Skills Needed

Easy to use interface for staff. No special skills needed.

We tick masterfully all the boxes of cutting-edge school management solutions.

We strive for excellence!

We leverage our knowledge and experience so that users and school owners can become creative and competitive in their services to make their student’s school experience great.

We guarantee you premium support for every buyer.

Our customers’ reviews can make all potential customers feel confident.

Supporting schools with over 1500 pupils each in population has thoroughly put our systems to challenge and we have over the years improved our support to ensure smooth and uninterrupted services as well as quick turn around for support requests.

Some of Our Customers

We’ve built up a solid reputation of reliability

Riara Schools

St Hannah’s

Mangu High

Alliance Girls

Peponi School

Durham International

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Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your school’s operations? Running a school involves juggling multiple tasks—from invoicing and bookkeeping to managing taxes and communicating with stakeholders. Keeping everything organized can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We understand the complexities of school management and have designed a solution to simplify your administrative tasks.

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